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In today’s competitive world, you need to think out of the box to make your sales in ecommerce website.

One of our client who has store on woo-commerce got built a wordpress plugin. By using this plugin, he is getting imported all the desired categories and products from best buy to his woo-commerce in real time.

Now what is different in this?
Well ! he is hitting those Areas where best buy doesn’t deliver the products and most importantly he is hunting those customers who have low credit score and are unable to get the products in EMIs from big stores like bestbuy.

He adds his commission for whole category or for an individual product and sell the products on that hiked price.

About Plugin:

It fetches the products in real time with the products variants information as well.
Everything like reviews of products, price, description, product images etc. gets updated using webhooks and crons.

All the data syncs very well with the Woo-commerce store.

Also you can check if the product is available in your nearby store or not.

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