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Shopify and Square: Manage inventory with Square

If, like us, you relish the prospect of turning into your own chief, it is an ideal opportunity to get that started – and the most straightforward approach to accomplish this is through the web presence. In any case, before you begin selling on the web, you will need to pick the right ecommerce solution to assist you with designing and launching your online store. Two of the most well-known ecommerce solutions available are Shopify and Square. Why not integrate the two of them and leverage the best for your business. However, before continuing on, how about we clarify what Shopify and Square are? 

What is Shopify?

Shopify offers an easy-to-understand resource intended to assist you with building an ecommerce website. When used without limit, Shopify could undoubtedly prepare private ventures to transform into the more extensive advanced market. Or, then again, for novice online sellers to take a shot at ecommerce business. Regardless, Shopify developers can help you to fulfil all ecommerce selling needs. Hire Shopify developers that can help you create a solution to oversee stock, market products online, along with payment management without much of a stretch.

What is Square? And why choose Square for retail?

Square is a simple, powerful, and highly customizable resource that enables business owners to manage their shop’s finances, staffing, and customer base from the convenience of one screen. 

Square for Retail has a barcode scanner-based UI that allows retailers effectively to ring transactions, manage orders, and manage inventory. It likewise consistently syncs with Square Online for web-based business and pickup orders. It has a forever-free plan, and a plus plan with cutting edge inventory management, stock analytics, and employee management. All in all, Square has all that you need to maintain your business, any place, whenever. It incorporates every one of the tools you need to reach your clients and develop your business, regardless of whether face to face, on the web or both.

This is the reason we provided a solution of integrating Shopify with Square to one of our clients – Vapor club.

What were the requirements?

Vapor club is an Australia-based retail store having multiple stores located all over the country and they manage their stocks through Square. They wanted a solution that can manage their inventory and sales by tracking both online orders and physical sales. Along with that, they wanted to provide choices to the customer for click & collect and delivery. In other words, customers can place the order online and collect their items from a physical store, or they can get them delivered to the chosen place. At the same time they also wanted to show the inventory to customers for each of their stores.

The Solution

We have used the methodology of integration between Square and Shopify, which has made it conceivable to have more unified inventory management. By utilizing SKU, Vapor club proprietors can undoubtedly sync inventory of different stores, orders, and customers, so they can oversee both their physical store and their online store at the same time.

We made the Shopify custom application so we can get the inventory of different stores in real-time from Square. To get the accurate outcome we integrated the essential REST APIs provided by Square in our custom APP to achieve the same.



Besides, they can watch their sales continuously on both Shopify and in-store. They can likewise get data about their most faithful clients and vital analytical sales information to decide top-selling products both available and on the web on the off chance that they at any point need them.

Also in achieving the same, we kept the product SKU as our unique identifier for Square and Shopify, so that the product with the same SKU only get updated in inventory without affecting other product quantity.


There is certainly no hardware required. Square demands zero charges for set-up. Notwithstanding, in case there is an exceptional setup that is required for your store, this may cause charges. Square POS is free. Notwithstanding, there are a few charges to remember. There are expenses of 2.6% + $.10 on all “in-person” credit or debit card exchanges taken on Square Readers and Stand or when using Square Terminal and Register.

Then, at that point, there is a 2.9% + $.30 on all receipt and eCommerce exchanges. At long last, there is an expense of 3.5% + $.15 on all “keyed-in” or cards on document exchanges. For Shopify, they offer three levels of pricing. For the basic level they charge $29 each month, the Shopify level is at $79 each month and the high-level Shopify is at $299 each month.

In Conclusion

Without a good source of inventory management for your brick and mortar store can be a nightmare for a business owner. But with Shopify web development service, the ability to synchronize inventory with Square and Shopify brings peace of mind. Not having a decent wellspring of stock counts for your physical store can be a bad dream for an entrepreneur. Being able to synchronize stock with Square and Shopify brings true serenity. The Shopify Square Integration works perfectly well for both on the web and in-storekeepers at the same time. Reach out and utilize our Shopify development services that can give wings to your online business. Hire Shopify developers who put your requirements before everything else.

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