5 Top Web Development Trends In 2021

5 Top Web Development Trends in 2021

Web development trends are constantly evolving, and in this article, we’ll be discussing the top trends that are here to stay in 2020 and beyond. So, let’s find out:-

#1 Blockchain Technology is the Future Ahead

The underlying technology of Bitcoin, Blockchain is gaining a lot of popularity recently, especially in the web development sector.

This technology is backed to secure millions of transactions that are happening every day over the Internet.

Being an open-source, distributed ledger technology, Blockchain is promising when it comes to keep data at various locations

Perks of Blockchain Technology?

  • Increased Cloud Security
  • Improved Cybersecurity
  • Reduce the Burden of Paperwork
  • Counterfeit Fake Identities
  • Internet of Things

#2 Push Notifications Are in Trend

The push notifications are first brought to us by Blackberry. The upgraded push notifications are tailored to Individual Internet users, which include the action buttons.

These days smartphone applications and websites have push notifications to bring a wide spectrum of viewers.

Today, the push notifications are the most prominent web development trends to drive the attention of users. They serve as a powerful and effective means to inform your prospective/current customers regarding new product launch, exclusive deals, and so many more. However, it is highly recommended not to overdo push notifications.

#3 Single Page Applications Are Faster & Responsive

SPAs known as the Single Page Applications are based on the Java Scripts that are implied to create multiple dynamic actions on a single webpage. A single page application effectively builds professional, responsive websites that support smartphones, tablets, and desktop.

SPAs lower the web development time and reduce the response time as no new request is made from the server-side to fetch a new HTML. Further, it minimizes the interruptions because of webpage reloading and ultimately improves the overall performance.

Why Single Page Applications?

  • Faster and Responsive
  • Linear User Experience
  • Caching Capabilities

#4 Accelerated Mobile Pages Reduce the Load Time & Lower Bounce Rate

Ever since Google has started giving mobile-friendly websites greater priority in terms of SERP results, the mobile responsive design is a promising trend for online businesses to survive & thrive in today’s cut-throat world.

The dedicated Accelerated Mobile Pages contribute to approx. 9% of all organic web traffic. These pages load faster, and the visitors stay longer on your website. This, ultimately, offers a better user experience.

#5 Motion User Interface (UI) Increase Usability

Internet users are always searching for straightforward yet intuitive things; this is what makes Motion User Interface (UI)  not a trend to overlook. Motion UI is what elements such as exquisite headers, hovers, and graphics bouncing around on the screen.

During custom web development, Motion UI boosts the computing capabilities of devices to effectively execute complicated animations, while making the website elegant & useful interface. This certainly works when improving the overall conversion rate on websites.

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