Development Masters that lead the shopify websites

Development Masters That Lead the Shopify Websites


We collaborated with XYZ and discussed their Shopify website development requirements. XYZ wanted a full-fledged website with all the elements available in an ecommerce store. To proceed, we first discussed and understood the requirements of the business. For our team, it was important to seek insights of ecommerce site.  


Well-recognized for their robust Shopify website, XYZ wanted to uplift their website standards and infuse value-driven 3rd party integrations to expand their business area. The biggest hurdle was to incorporate new features and customized elements to the existing Shopify platform. Earlier, our ecommerce development and designing team created a Shopify theme. To add more specifications and features to the website was a challenge. Two of the major requirements raised by our client were-

Quantity discount- The client wanted to have a feature infused to the ecommerce website that can add the discounts on the selected products or groups. With this feature, the client expected to have adding discounts quantity based. So if anyone is purchasing the products in bulk he or she can get specialised discounts.


Multi-level categorizing- The demands were to add multi-level categories for streamlined and transparent shopping experience for the buyers. You can create Parent-Child categories upto the n-level and its very easily manageable from the admin panel.


After deploying all the development changes to the Shopify website, the online store had more custom functionalities to enrich the experience of online customers.

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