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Time to Celebrate Jingles of Christmas

Christmas is all about being a child again, secrets wishes and then waiting for them to come true. We at Aquatec Innovative celebrated Christmas by living our childhood memories of the X-mass day again. We all teamed up to play games like treasure hunt, musical chairs, balloon blowing and many more. Everybody enjoyed a lot while searching for clues, making wrong guesses and then laughing on silly jokes and pocking fellow mates. These kinds of activities help new comers to generate interaction and bonding with the seniors and other team members, which increases team spirit and gives an opportunity to know each other better.
Christmas is not about openings gifts, it’s about opening hearts. The next queued thing in celebration was secret message for every employee by their secret Santa’s. The main highlight of the celebration was a tree lighting ceremony and a very special message from the Director of the company regarding employee’s achievements throughout the year, which has boosted their confidence level and that will help them in opening the next chapter of their work life as year 2020 will be arriving soon.
To make this Eve a great one the workplace was decorated with colorful lights, ornaments and an alluring Christmas tree. Here, instead of decorating an artificial tree, Aquatec believes in “go green” slogan and followed it by decorating the real Christmas tree and by planting another green member to our “plant family”. To show our togetherness and love everybody was in the vibrant red attire. Dancing on favorite bollywood songs, posing for the pictures, enjoying favorite meals and here Aquatec Innovative has ended the celebration by wishing all the members Merry Christmas.

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