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Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day is celebrated to spread happiness & love, youngsters celebrate by doing such things which makes someone feels very special but here someone can be a lover or a friend or a colleague also. Earlier this day was celebrated in foreign countries only but now as we’re following western culture, youngsters of Asia also […]

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Aquatec innovative

Time to Celebrate Jingles of Christmas

Christmas is all about being a child again, secrets wishes and then waiting for them to come true. We at Aquatec Innovative celebrated Christmas by living our childhood memories of the X-mass day again. We all teamed up to play games like treasure hunt, musical chairs, balloon blowing and many more. Everybody enjoyed a lot […]

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Aquatec team

Festival of Lights

It’s that time of the year for which every Indian waits.  Sparkling lights, traditional diyas, and beautiful rangolis; all have come to brighten up our days. With the same enthusiasm we “aquatic family” celebrated Diwali 2k20 by decorating our workspace and dressing up in traditional attire. Diwali is not just about burning candles, fireworks and […]

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