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Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day is celebrated to spread happiness & love, youngsters celebrate by doing such things which makes someone feels very special but here someone can be a lover or a friend or a colleague also. Earlier this day was celebrated in foreign countries only but now as we’re following western culture, youngsters of Asia also started celebrating Valentine ’s Day. Here, at Aquatec Innovative we celebrated valentines by sharing special & secret messages.

Everyone was too excited for leaving special messages for the one they admire or for the one whom they consider as their mentors. Moving further, everyone was given heart shape slips, for writing special messages but no one was allowed to mention their name, this makes the game more interesting as one will never know who had just put message on bulletin board for them. By this activity, everyone was happy as they got special messages and the smile on their face while reading the messages was out of the world.
After performing this activity, there was evening snakes to celebrate this occasion. Everyone enjoyed them and we all had a great time discussing about our experiences of this day during our school and college days and how we’re going to give surprises to our loved ones today. At the end we all wished each other Happy Valentine and left our cubicle to celebrate this day with our someone special’s

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